It's common sense, duh.

and she's blonde

I think that the reason why a lot of girls friend zone is so they don't have the risk of loosing the boys if they break up.

Yep. Happens to me all the time! And they end up hooking up with some douche bag that doesn't really want a relationship and ignores them for days at a time making them wonder if dude even likes them. Meanwhile, the nice guy that they put in the friendzone is willing to be everything they want because that is what they want to be. Well ladies, the more you do this to nice guys, the more the nice guys will turn into assholes. Eventually there won't be any nice guys left because we are all sick of getting treated the way we get treated. Like being told that you're beautiful, having someone there for you, having your back and feet rubbed, doors held open for you, conversations that actually intrigue you, flowers and other thoughtful gifts brought to you? Well, keep friendzoning us and see how much of that you get from that douche bag you keep around until the wonderful day that he just stops talking to you because he was just using you for a fuck until he finds someone better or moves away anyhow. Think this rant is about you? Then you're probably doing that to some nice guy right now.

Nice guys ? ;D Bwahahaha , make sandwiches (delicious) And you'll even find a Husband ; P